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Experiences from nature

Summer Hetta

* Rowing boat rental in Ounasjärvi
*Kickbike rental
* Walking sticks rental

*Sup-board rental

The nature of Fell Lapland

There are many different berries, herbs and mushrooms in Lapland's nature that can be eaten. Let's go for a walk together in the pure nature of Lapland and see what is found to be eaten. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the silence.


Shaman drum course

Witch drum, traditional drum or shaman drum.
The drum has many names, depending on the purpose.
In this course you will be able to make a drum of your own appearance.
The next shaman drum courses in Hetta:

Registration for the course


Nightless night hiking trip

A nightless night is said to be the time when the sun does not set below the horizon even at night. At Enontekiö, a nightless night begins at the end of May and continues until the end of July. 

It feels incredibly great to move around in nature and experience how nature never sleeps here.

Let's go hiking in the evening to experience a nightless night 

A day trip to the scenery of Fell-Lapland

The nature of Fell-Lapland is almost untouched in many places.
You can see the beautiful, barren and very colorful nature around you and hear the silence.

We will travel at the right pace for you, leaving time for photography and admiring nature.
During the trip we will get to know the diverse vegetation, mushrooms and berries of the area and their habitat.

Take a guided day trip


Campfire food and sooty pot coffee

Let's enjoy a different kind of campfire dinner.
We prepare the starter, main and dessert together in the hut campfire.

The participants will be the top chefs of the evening 

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