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Experiences from nature

Winter Hetta

Snowshoeing trips

Take a guided snowshoe hike in the winter.
Snowshoeing is easy and fun. With snowshoes, you can get to places that might otherwise be hard to reach in the winter. You get close to nature, in the middle of peace and quiet. You can enjoy fresh, clean air, snow and wonderful scenery.
During the trip, we'll enjoy snacks made by the hostess, which include a hot drink and snacks.
The snowshoe hike is suitable for adults and children

Price  42 €/ adult
          20 € / child 5-13 y

Book a snowshoeing trip here

Campfire food and sooty pot coffee

A tasty campfire dinner is prepared in the hut.
Prepare appetizer, main course and dessert by the campfire.
The participants will be the top chefs of the evening with good guidance.
We use pure Finnish and, if possible, local products as raw materials.

Price  72 € / adult
           35 €/ child 5 - 13 y  

Children can take part in the activity with adults.

Book Campfire and Sooty Pot Coffee here


Kick sled for ice fishing


Let's kick the sledge on the ice of the lake with kick sleds.

A quiet, unhurried moment in winter nature.

Drill a hole and hook a bait for the fish. After a moment of teasing, hopefully some hungry fish will catch the hook.

At the end of the trip, we enjoy steaming smoked fish soup in the hut.

It is good to dress warmly for ice fishing. There is never too much clothes. 

Price 52 € / adult
          30 € / child 5 - 13 y
Children can take part in the activity with adults.

Book kick sled for ice fishing trips here

Snow activities, pancakes and hot choclate

Snow activities for children and adults.
Here you can do snow work, use a snow shovel and shovel and make large snowdrifts. It rains almost every day. But if there is no new snow just today, we can build a snow castle or dig a snow pit and enjoy the joys of the snow. Children can slide down the hill between the snow.
At the end of the outdoor activity, we bake pancakes in the hut, hot chocolate for the children and also make pot coffee for adults
Enjoy doing things together, clean snow and little frost.

Dress warmly according to the weather.

Price 32 € / adult 
          17 € / child 5 - 13 y

Book snow activities here 



Dark hikes

Let’s go out on a dark hike to walk and see what’s in the sky. What does silence sound like? Will we see the starry sky and moonlight, snowfall or will we be surprised by the northern lights. We never know in advance what awaits us outside.
Dress warmly according to the weather

Price 42 € / adult
          20 € / child 5-13 y
Children can take part in the activity with adults

Book dark hikes here

IMG_2819 (2).JPG

Kick sled trips

Kick sled is a traditional Finnish way of moving in winter.

Take a kick sled trip to the surrounding nature. Enjoy the silence and the beautiful winter landscape.
Including lunch at hut.

Price  42 € / adult
           20 € / child 5-13 y

Book kick sled trips here

Rent kick sled


We have domestic Esla kick sleds in two different sizes:
T6 for an adult. The length of the person is 160-180 cm.
T2 for a child. The length of the child is 100-130 cm.
The kick sleds have acquisition discs that increase the load capacity in snow conditions and reduce the slippage caused by sanding

The kick sled is comfortable to move on the ice, enjoying nature, at your own pace.

Price 15 € / day

Book kick sled here

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